Patrick is truly a Datsun Z Car Electrical and Electronics Expert when it comes to

Vintage Z Cars. His technical expertise and attention to detail Is superb.


He's been able to solve several electrical issues I've had with my 1986 300ZX.

He even took the time to explain the "step by step" troubleshooting procedure

for  determining the solution to an electrical problem I was having with my

digital gauges when I was ready to give up.


I bought a refurbished power supply from him that

continues to give me great service.


He definitely makes sure you get the reliable parts you need

and doesn't try to sell you parts you don't need.


Thanks Patrick.  -  Eric W.  (Bonaire, GA)




After hours of internet research looking for a solution to fix my 300XZ Digital Display that would work, and then stop working, I found ZCarElectronics.  Patrick was professional and he explained the TEST process.  He also provided instructions on removing and shipping my power supply module.  I am happy to say my Digital Display

is fully functional and working again!  Patrick's knowledge of Z cars is priceless!

I highly recommend ZCarElectronics to all vintage Z car owners.


Thank you!  -  Xochi C.  (Redding, CA)




Wow! So glad I finally found a company that can and does just what they say.

Patrick said my digital display could be fixed. And then he fixed it. It looks BRAND NEW.

 I love it.  The time table for repair was to the day promised.  This is the ONLY place I will send my Z Car Electronic  Parts to. Well worth the wait of shipping coast to coast.


 Linda S.  -  (Lady Lake, FL)




Patrick restored the ENTIRE electrical system on my early VIN Datsun 240Z.

I chose him due to his experience and reputation with electrical and

in particular, Z cars, as only the BEST would do for my restoration.

I had every relay, gauge, switch and harness restored to

OEM Concours Level spec and detail and I wasn’t disappointed.

His work is meticulous, well documented as to its progress with photos,

and its timely completion, considering the amount of work that went into my

50-year-old harness that had been cut into and modified poorly in the past.

Very pleased and would highly recommend Patrick if you want to

avoid headaches of aftermarket electrical installs, bugs and bi-passes

or worse, poor-quality workmanship often found elsewhere that could

lead to complete destruction of an often-irreplaceable OEM component.


Brian S.  -  (Los Angeles, CA)




I found Patrick on the internet as I was looking for an antenna for my 1983 280ZX.

He had an original NOS antenna in the original box.  I ask that he send me a picture

of the wiring harness to be sure it was the real deal, he did and it was.


We emailed back and forth regarding why my radio wasn't working.

He called me on a Saturday and helped me troubleshoot why the radio

wasn't working.  He took the time to review the technical specs on my

specific model and said I had a fuse on the radio that could be blown.

Long story short he was right, I replaced the fuse and the radio has been

working ever since.  Patrick took the time to help solve my problem.

You don't see that kind of customer service much these days.

Patrick is my go to guy in the future.


John W.  -  (Reno, NV)




After finding Patrick many years ago and having experienced several of

his products and services between my Z-car brethren, he jumped to mind

when I got the chance to restore SN00486 a few years ago.  I had been searching

for an early car to restore and wanted to do it right...that’s Patrick’s specialty.

For me, he represents the top tier of people you can work with on your projects ...

deep knowledge, attention to detail, perseverance, and unrelenting quality standards

in his Z car work. This entire car was restored to Concours Level Condition.


The car was fully there, with all wiring and gauges intact.  Some of the parts

I did myself, but Patrick did the complete dash harness, rear harness, and

engine harness, all gauges, clock, voltage regulator, power antenna,

headlights, and lots of other smaller stuff I’m forgetting.  His work always

exceeded my expectations and there were more than a few times his guidance

helped me get it right both cosmetically and functionally.  With his help

I found everything that needed replacement and now have perfect

looking OEM appearance wiring harnesses throughout the car ...

all the electrical stuff works like new (actually better than new ...  my clock

still works 2 years after restoration) ... and the car continues to impress everyone

that sees it and the level of correct detail Patrick helped me achieve.


I’ve recommended Patrick’s services to many and continue

that recommendation here. If you want to do your Z car electrical system

a favor, let Patrick help you do it right next chance you get.


Frank B. - (San Jose, CA)


ZCARELECTRONICS.com  -   datsunZrestore@yahoo.com